GMW-CNC has been certified for the development and manufacture of components and system solutions in ferrous and non-ferrous metals by machining processes since 1997.

Understanding quality, safety and environmental protection

We regard quality, safety and environmental protection as three pillars supporting our economic success.

Quality means:

Manufacturing products which fulfil their required functions throughout their useful lives without skipping a beat. If they do not meet this need, unacceptable costs will be incurred by our customers and by us.

Our quality standards are determined not by us, but by our external and internal customers.

Safety and environmental protection means creating processes which minimise the hazards to our employees and any impact on the wider environment. We seek to eliminate every unnecessary risk.

In designing our products, we take environmental influences into consideration throughout their entire lifetime. That means from production, though transportation, in use, and at the point of end-of-life disposal.

GMW-CNC guarantees:

Quality, safety and environmental protection through preventative measures.

Trying to achieve a high standard of quality, security and environmental protection via post- production checks, rework or sorting would represent a lot of wasted time and money. We design fail-safe procedures and carry out complete advance quality planning from the outset. Even if this means more expense at the outset, we believe continuous improvement in methods and processes with all its associated time saving pays dividends in the final analysis.

GMW-CNC ensures quality via:

  • Creating operating procedures
  • Generating and applying FMEA’s
  • Determining control limits
  • Storing measurement programs
  • Establishing process capabilities
  • Monitoring standard deviations
  • Gathering measurement data directly from production via EDI

We check and control:

Hardness, Surface finish, Flatness, Tactile and cosmetic 3D measurements, All geometrie

Wherever required we can provide detailed ISIR reports, IMDS data files, full PPAP submissions and complete VDA book 2 or 3 reports alongside your products.

Our up to date certificate is available upon request.